Online Health Forums – Finding Answers & Community

Unless they have a health issue, most people do not fully understand the frustration that comes along with having a chronic health problem. Getting the diagnosis is bad enough. Trying to learn about the disease and go on to change your entire way of living in order to successfully combat it and live a normal, healthy life is completely overwhelming. The people you normally turn to in times of crisis often cannot relate to what you are enduring. Lost for words, they give you a blank stare, a slightly furrowed brow or a sad or confused expression, leaving you feeling even more empty and alone than you were before.

For me, trying to explain to someone that I have not had a normal period for years makes me look like an alien and feel like a failure. I can’t really explain to them why I have chronic greasy skin and why my acne refuses to clear up at the age of 34. They don’t understand the frustration of not being able to get pregnant after months, even years, of trying and nor do they understand why my life is totally consumed by new dieting methods and exercise programs that guarantee to help me lose weight but never really do the trick.

Thank goodness we live in the digital age! With online health communities or internet forums growing by leaps and bounds, finding someone who understands exactly what I am going through is not just possible, it’s easy. An internet forum, online forum or message board, is a website in the form of a discussion site. Forums allow anonymous visitors to view the contents and consist of a group of contributors who’ve registered into the system, becoming known as members. The members submit topics for discussion (known as threads) and communicate with each other using publicly visible messages (referred to as posts) or private messaging.

People participating in an online forum will usually build bonds with each other and interest groups will easily form around a topic’s discussion, subjects dealt within or around sections in the forum.

In online health forums, no one judges you. You don’t have to censor your symptoms or defend how you are feeling. You can share your successes and know that the online community is genuinely happy for you.

After years of feeling horrible about myself and very much alone in my efforts to get healthier, I’ve finally found a group of “sisters” that help me deal with my particular disease, PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I have come to find out that there are a lot of women out there that suffer from the same issues as I do. They give me suggestions on how to deal with my symptoms, chat about what treatments have and have not worked for them, and provide me with emotional support when times are tough. Even in the wee hours of the morning, I know I can go online to find someone in a PCOS forum who understands and sympathizes, then encourages me to take action in my own life.

So if you are suffering from a health issue for which feel you need more emotional support or need access to more information and treatment plans, go online! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how uplifted and empowered you’ll feel when you do.

Learning From a Good Health Forum

Health forums are great for gathering information, resources, advice, tips and tricks, business names/information, product reviews, expert advice and much more. Many forums have experts on health subjects that are monitoring the forums 24/7 and are very quick to reply to your post(question).

In this way, you can actually ask your specific question, and get a answer that is related to you specifically. This tends to be much easier than looking up information on your own, in most cases people will go and look up credible information and do all the searching for you.

I’m sure, by now, your ready to find your first health forum to post on. Before you do, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1.When searching for forums, find forums with currently active users, for an immediate response.

2.Don’t be afraid to sign up for the forum, 99% of health forums are quick and easy to sign up for.

3.The best way to get information from a forum is to go to the category that best suits your question and then post your question.

4.Short and to the point posts get the best responses.

5.Some times you will need to sign up and post on more than 1 forum to get the response you want. Dont be deterred, the time you spend signing up and posting questions is probably no better off searching for something on Google.

Here’s 3 health & vitamin forums to help you get started.

1.Health & Vitamin Forums

2.Health Forums

3.Vitamin Forum

Remember, stay safe! Consult your family doctor before taking any treatment, or remedy your unsure of.

Happy Posting!

Mens Health Forum – Most Effective Weight Loss Supplements For Men

Originally a market solely inhabited by women – dieting – “for men” has recently found a voice where guys are beginning to open up to their weight problems and focus positively on stripping the fat.

One of these avenues for sharing common weight concerns is the Men’s Health Forum, now used by hundreds of thousands of guys, young and old, seeking help and sharing ideas on what techniques work and which are less successful.

One of the most common themes throughout the forum are what additional supplement pills really help speed up the weight loss process.

As guys like to use a different term to “diet”, as for some it implies femininity, men in-turn prefer the phrase “working out” as it suggests something much more long term and life changing.

Therefore, instead of just trying to lose that tummy flab, guys it seems are much more interested in transferring that body fat into body mass – by gaining a flatter stomach and improved strength in the upper body.

The most common way to do this is through strength training, as doing weights gives you a greater metabolic rate than aerobic exercises, as its your ability to burn the fat for longer periods which delivers weight loss.

The myth that some guys believe is that a 10km run will be a more effective weight loss strategy than one hour of weight training. Whilst you will burn while you run, once you stop, so does your metabolism whereas through a weight work out, muscles continue to burn well after you’ve finished due to the intensity which has been placed on the muscle.

Therefore, one way to assist your metabolic rate and lose weight faster is to take a fat burning supplement.

These come in many different strengths, but what the Men’s Health Forum has discovered are that its the most natural supplement with the highest anti-oxidant levels which deliver the safest and effective weight loss results.

Some fat burners do indeed offer side effects, normally due to the high caffeine concentrations, which if you just take them on there own without additional exercise, men tend to become a little edgy.